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Thursday, 28 January 2010



Where did you find that bed? I think it's beautiful!


Your room is so delightful!


Thank you!

The bed was from the Iron Bed Company here in the UK Katie, and they have a very similar one at Laura Ashley.

I clicked over to your blog too Lucy and I love the style of your photography. Thanks for visiting me!

anaka zam

Lovely work! I don't know how you get your stiches so perfect! I have been working on one of the PDF patterns I was so excited to buy off Etsy and it is such a great pattern.

Where do you find your frames, Delilah? They are beautiful... I haven't seen anything like them in Australia.


Thanks Jessica - I am thrilled you are enjoying working on the pattern. I'd love to see a picture when you're finished.

My stitches weren't so perfect to start with but with practice I soon got better and now it has become like an addiction!

All of these frames were actually from a discount store here called T K Maxx (not sure if they have them in Australia?) - I found about ten frames in black and gold over the period of a week a couple of years ago and bought the lot, but they've never had anything like them since. Very serendipitous. They were all different makes though and I've long since taken the labels off so have no idea where they were from originally I'm afraid.

I am forever looking for more but they seem to be very hard to find as the majority of frames cater to more modern tastes, unless you want to pay megabucks for antiques.

Laura Ashley's worth a look for similar ones (, though they are often smaller and don't have wall fixings to I just chop off the stands at the back and superglue fixings instead. Superglue's the way to go! Though they're in the UK too...I would maybe try googling something like 'ornate frame' and clicking on the shopping option to see what comes up for Australia?

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