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Wednesday, 24 July 2013



Rob thicke- blurred lines


The Fratellies - Chelsea dagger, I have been listening to them all week whilst painting :)

Clare hancock

The foals - Total life forever

Clare hancock

The strokes - what ever happened

Lizzie Maitland

I listen to so little music I'm struggling to pick one! But I've been reliving my youth by listening to the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack and I have had "local god" by the imaginatively named butthole surfers stuck in my head so today I would have to say that! Although tomorrow, who knows...


It's an oldie, but I can't get enough of it: :) :D

Home, by Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros


What a fab prize - would love a chance to attend! I love Lady Antebellum and can listen to their albums for days!!


Had a proper bop with my toddler this afternoon to get lucky by daft punk #summertimecity


I would really love to win. My fave song right now is Holy Grail by Jay-Z (feat Justin Timberlake)


Sergio Mendes with the Black Eyed Peas,not a new album but just a Latino sizzler for this hot weather!!

Debra Plucknett

Cry by Johnnie Ray, such a sweet oldie, and also my Mum's favourite too.


Just sat watching the Sound of Music with my two girls, so would have to go with 'I have confidence' - a great uplifting song when you need a pick me up (though it's probably neither cool nor new!)


Mine would be Stay sung by rhiannon. Beautiful song

Kate Relton

'The Rhythm' by The Cat Empire :)

Jane Culverwell

My favourite song at the moment is Sovereignlight Café by Keane. It reminds me of happy holidays spent in Bexhill Sussex when I was a child.

Sue Vaughan

My favourite song at the moment has to be Chamber by INME - love it!

Becci Pell

My favourite song of the moment (and all time in fact) is Running up that Hill by Kate Bush - it always cheers me up and makes me get up and have a little dance round my kitchen!

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