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Saturday, 02 November 2013


Sue Vaughan

My favourite woodland object has to be the acorn. They are so perfectly formed. Masterpieces of nature. I am in the UK and would love the chance to win.

Anna Nuorsaari

The squirrel is so adorable. I would like it to be friends with the little birds I have stitched on my canvas bag from your book. I'm pretty sure they would be having some awesome adventures together!
I'm from Finland. I guess that counts as international.;-) I became to know your wonderful designs two years ago when I visited The Liberty in London. Your little and bigger friends make me happy everytime I see them. I have several of your designs stitched on our walls and bags and cardigans and... :-) Thank you!


My favourite woodland object is a conker, I love the juxtaposition of the spikey case and velvet smooth surface. I often have one in my coat pocket! I am based in the UK. Thank you!

Jennifer Karwoski

I ♥ the acorn!! As a girl growing up in the desert in California US, I was always filled with wonder when we made family trips and I had opportunities to collect these treasures! I agree with Sue Vaughan (↑) "masterpieces of nature". ;-) I now live in the Central Valley in California. I'm hoping to make a trip to Yosemite, which is not too far from here....truly a woodland wonder! I'll probably see Mr Squirrel and his family, too!

Hillary Evans

Trees!! They provide shade, warmth and, right now, beautiful colors!
- international- the beautiful mountains of Utah

lorraine bayliss

Mine has to be mushrooms,toadstalls.They are so beautiful always different shapes and colours.They have a mystery about them growing in trees on the forest floor.x

Maria Funch Brunberg

My object is the dears. I love when I see them run in the forest, the fields and our garden. They are very decorative in crossstitch as well as almost everything else. Owls are also very cool, and foxes, and squirrels and... :) I love the woods.
From Denmark.


I love the mossy old tree stumps with the toadstools growing up around them. I often wonder if fairies live in them :-) I'm in the uk

Sarah D

Autumn leaves, so many colours and shapes! (Uk)

Rajul Shah

My favourite woodland objects are pinecones because my kids (and me, if I'm honest) like pretending that they are tiny hedgehogs.
Rajul (Norwich, UK) x

Iona Williams

My favorite woodland object is moss, my favorite colour, velvet texture and so beautiful , I live in the uk x thanks for a great autumn giveaway x

Elizabeth Reedy

This may sound a bit weird, but I love moss! It comes in lovely shades of green and is velvety soft- it's like carpet for the forest! I'm in the US, and I love so many of your beautiful patterns.


I adore searching for fallen pinecones and walking on a carpet of dry pine needles. I'm in the UK.

Indigo Smith

It's hard to pick a favourite when it's the whole idea of a woodland that is attractive to me, living in Australia, where we have only bush. So I would have to say that it is the trees which make up the atmosphere, and shelter for all the creatures.

Melissa Vink

I am international :-) :-)
My favourite woodland object would have to be acorns!! The are just so pretty and I can't get enough of them. I love woodland anything :-) just so magnificent and beautiful!!
Thank you for the chance!!

Linda Rumsey

Squirrels, especially red ones, which I have to admit I've only ever seen in a zoo. It's such a shame that an animal native to the UK is now so rare! I'm from the UK!

Kristin H.

I really love's just so pretty! I love that it's still bright green and beautiful even in the winter when everything else is dead and brown.

As far as animals, I love squirrels, foxes, owls, etc. I'm in the US!

sewtechnicolor (at) yahoo (dot) com

Miss Lilly

My favourite woodland item is fallen leaves. I love all the different colours, the nice crispy crunchy sound they make as you walk through them and how each different type of leaf reminds you of a different place you visited.
I'm from the UK :)

Madeleine Ayling

I love squirrels, I've always wanted to see a red one...
Am in the UK

Shawn J

I like owls and acorns too. I am in the US.
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com


I love mushrooms! They can be so pretty and colourful!
Thanks for the giveaway(s). I'm from Canada!


My favourite woodland object is lichen - the colours, the textures and the nooks and crannies it gets itself into.

I'm international!

Jessica Consunji

Hi - I'm international .. and my favourite object is pinecones. To me they are synonymous with adventures in my childhood .. discovering them and wondering all about them .. adding them to my basket of treasures ..

Thanks for the chance to win :)


FINALLY! You're patterns are just what I was looking for. Even my boyfriend loves them (he gave me 'permission' to make them ALL for the living room, all my other objects are currently in the restroom..)
I love leaves. The different colours, the sounds they make, different shapes. Lots of inspiration!
Gr From Holland.


I love acorns, not only are they beautiful but they grow into magnificent oak trees. Both me and my husband are complete fans of oak wood and we have many objects in our house made of oak including a whole oak timber extension which my husband built himself.

In UK, in the country.


Technically not an object, but I love woodland bluebells in the spring - a sea of bobbing purple flowers provide a beautiful backdrop when out walking with the dog and bring back memories of days gone by and friends who are no longer with us. I am based in the UK.


Hello, my favourite object is the humble feather...I've got quite a collection and use them in my artwork. they are such delicate wonders. I live in the UK : )


My favourite woodland objects are the smell and sounds of the woods. The sound of the birds in spring, the smell in the height of summer with the sun shining down all day, the smell in autumn after the rain or the silence in winter when there's lots of snow. It's hard to describe, but when I'm in the woods I can just close my eyes and be transported back to my childhood and very happy memories.

I live in Ireland. Thanks for a chance of winning!

flora poste

Dear Sophie, what a lovely giveaway and even a chance for us girls overseas to win something! I am a true country girl and love anything Woodland. But my favorite is the beautiful red fox and I am so fortunate to have one visiting my garden from time to time.
I am international.


My favorite woodland objects are acorns and hedgehogs!

I'm in the US.

Emma Halford

My favourite woodland item is the lovely squirrel. There are quite a lot around where I live and work and they always cheer me up and I get excited. "oooh look squirrel!" even when I've already seen loads that day. They are always cute and scampering.

I'm from the UK.

Kel Robb

Acorns. As a little girl I used to think the caps of acorns were pixie hats! Magical


My favourite objects would be Acorns and Oak Leaves :) I'm in Canada and I would love to win the squirrel and acorn buttons :)


The changing leaves - beautiful colours, a sign for the end of summer and the beginning of a new season and obviously great fun to run through! I'm in the UK.


I love all woodland things and am having a bit of a woodland theme for my wedding next May which I am currently crafting a squillion things for so this would really help me to make some gorgeous things to go with our owl and stag cake topper, woodland bunting, woodland invitations, woodland masks for photo booths etc etc! If I had to choose one thing I would go for foxes - I think there is something magical and other worldy about them! Love them! Am crossing everything - thanks for doing a fab competition!


ooops forgot to say I'm UK too!

Rebecca Machin

Oh, I just love conkers. The path to my school was lined with Horse Chestnut Trees and there's such a wonderful sense of nostalgia that goes along with them. I can't pass a conker without picking it up, even now!

I'm in the UK

Penny Jenkins

My favourite woodland thing is the squirrel, but I'm partial to lots of autumnal russet leaves as well. Would love to have a copy of the new Mollie Makes book. I'm in the UK. Thanks for the competition.

Christine Ouimet

If I had to choose just one, it would be the owl. Or bunny! I just did my baby girl's room in a woodland theme. I am on the US.

Kerrie Hunt

My favourite woodland object has always been fallen leaves. The gorgeous autumn colours of russet reds, flashing gold, moss greens and browns. Their difference in sizes - some are so tiny and detailed and some bigger than my little boys head! We take a bag to collect our favourites and it turns the wood into a magical place kicking through blankets of them.

I am from the UK.

Thank you.

Charlotte Powell

My favourite woodland object would be moss. Especially when it falls away from logs in soft plushy clumps, just waiting for a pixie to carry it away and make it into a mattress. I am in the Uk, thank you.


My favourite woodland thing is a red toadstool with white spots, they just make me smile. Probably takes me back to my Brownie days!!
I'm in the UK

Louise Anderson

I love the differences in the barks of the trees - amazingly varied and all beautiful! Louise, Notts, UK

Emma Hicks

Hi. My favourite woodland object is a cluster of cob nuts. A tastie treasure, tucked up in the trees, a great treat to munch, on those woody wandering adventures. That is if the squirrels haven't got to them first! I'm in the UK. Xx

Nicola Davies

My favourite woodland object is a conker. Conkers bring back happy memories of trying to find the biggest one, a reason to get to school early as the walk went past a huge horse chesnut, and then the conker prep of vingear soaking to get it ready for a match! I'm in the UK x

Alex Shepherd

My favourite woodland thing is all the amazing forageable things they contain, and my favourite has to be the humble sloe - which makes the best flavoured gin, then afterwards you can use the gin infused sloes to make a jelly that is amazing with roast meat! I'm in the UK :)


I love spotting red mushrooms with white spots :) I'm in the Netherlands.


I love trees. They provide so much for us and animals. They are beautiful in all the seasons. I am in Canada.


I Love the acorns behause they take Part in my favourite Movie my neighbour totoro! I live in Germany and I Love your Designs!

Gaëlle Briand Muleta

I love conkers, they're so smooth and beautiful. I have some on the windowsill in nearly every room. I've ordered a copy of the "Woodlands friends" book and am longing for it to arrive. I live in Sweden but so much wish I could come to the Renegade fair.


I love the birds in the woods. As a child I would always try to spot the woodpecker when I heard it tapping - I rarely could though! I'm in the UK. Thanks very much.

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