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Sunday, 15 December 2013



Yay for knitting! Yes, I'm a knitter too, but I'm multi-craftual, which is a huge problem because there are too many lovely crafts and not enough time. Here's a list of my crafts: knitting, crochet, cross-stitch (all taught by my granny when I was a child and recently rediscovered), quilting and blackwork (more recent obsessions!).

With all crafting, I get totally obsessed by each one in turn, but I do love them all. Recently I have been yearning to continue some of my knitting projects - I think it's definitely a winter thing!

Definitely try socks - they're great fun and so portable. But beware of the second sock syndrome. Happy knitting!

What Delilah Did

My aim is to be as multi-talented as you Sarah! I basically want to be able to create anything I can imagine, though my imagination is very overactive so that is quite a tall order... What is second sock syndrome?? It sounds terrifying.

Sarah painter

Your snoods looks fantastic. I wish I had a friend like you! Lol. Would love to know how to knit. I live locally to you do you know of any informal knit and coffee clubs or craft groups in the area?

Messy Karen

i am knitter too. i like to say that i do easy things very well. and i must say you have jumped right over the easy projects. good for you. i am very impressed with what you have done. more to come i suspect.

What Delilah Did

I'm sure there probably are some locally Sarah but I'm afraid I don't know where/when - it may be worth checking the Lynn News website listings? I just had a 2-hour lesson with Catherine Hirst in London and she explained everything so well that I felt set up to figure out much of the rest as I went along, with the help of books and the videos at I am by no means a pro and have a gajillion things still to learn, but I would recommend Catherine as an excellent starting point if you can get down to London one day.

What Delilah Did

Thanks Karen - I didn't skip them on purpose; it was more that anything 3d scares me so I opted to start with flat scarf-type things. I am feeling brave enough now to branch out a bit!


Oh you do write such charming posts! It's lovely to hear that you have discovered a new passion. And one which you are clearly very good at - your snoods/cowls are amazing. I'm a crocheter and am currently working on this:
Look forward to reading more xxx

What Delilah Did

Thanks Connie! My word, that pattern you're working on looks like it could be difficult to keep track of... crochet is as yet my nemesis - I have tried (and failed) to teach myself a few times, but have been reliably informed that if somebody actually shows me how to do it in person that will make all the difference. I will conquer it eventually!


Hi Sophie - the groovy afghan is actually very simple - it just looks tricky. If this was knitting it would be K10,P1,K10,P1 and so on.. Next row the purl moves on by one stitch and gradually you build up this groovy look. It's kind of the same principle. You must check out Purl Soho blog (unless you have already). And then Attic24, Coco Rose diaries, Slug on the Refrigerator and Emma Lamb (especially Emma). x


PS...oh my I've been looking at your Ravelry page and I think that I'm going to give it a go...knit a cowl! The 'Straw' colour is lovely.

What Delilah Did

Awesome, thanks for the recommendations - I do already follow Purl Soho & Emma Lamb (I found the latter when Emma featured some of my work a few years ago - lovely little blog) but will have to check out the others.

Definitely try out the cowl pattern - I love mine and have hardly taken it off. Took a bit of getting used to but once I got into the swing of things it was a doddle.

Have a wonderful Christmas! x

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