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Wednesday, 05 March 2014


Emma Halford

Great giveaway!

I would choose Penguins to represent me and my fiancee as he is a librarian, we both adore reading and are having a book themed wedding. Perfect. Also they are super cute!

Maxine McOuat

My boyfriend calls me Wing so I would love to have little garden bird cake toppers - sparrows or thrushes or the like - with some delightful colourful headwear.

Jo Lister

As ever, your design is gorgeous, I might have to make one for myself!

I'd choose another bird - puffins. Because they're slightly contrary (living in burrows, rather than nests), they can be introverted and then a little crazy (they only have brightly coloured beaks during the mating season, the rest of the time they look very drab!) and while they might like their own space from time to time, they pair up for life. All qualities my fiance and I both share with them...


For me it would have to be a miniature schnauzer (breed of dog). We have two and they are such a part of the family I often think I have four kids instead of two !! I also love how Cath Kidston incorporated the late Stanley into her brand, (schnauzers are a similar shape &size). Just love them !xxx


Would a sloth be too revealing of my current state of mind!

I am a bridesmaid for my sister in the summer and will definitely be checking out this book for wonderful inspiration.

Mary Taylor

I would choose cats because they are cuddly, sleek and at times regal. When we first moved in together, I miaowed at him and he miaowed back, we are a couple of cats!

Elizabeth Alcock

Hi there! I would chose hedgehogs, because it reflects how we cope with the strains of modern life... cuddle up, curl into a ball and focus on US!
(It works, 'cos this year is our Pearl Anniversary!!)

Verity Harrison

A hen. Slightly plump and a worrier! I like the idea of flying but I am a home bird at heart. I am never more content then when all my chicks are with me.

Linda Weston

Okay, so you may consider this not and animal as it's a mythical animal but
I would go with a Totoro which is a character in a Japanese animation called My Neighbour Totoro. The movie is technically a kids film that we discovered shortly after our wedding which we both loved. We are going to be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in a couple of months and images on Totoro always remind me of the specialness of relationships of whatever kind and always make me pause to consider and remind myself what is important in my life.

Alex Shepherd

I'd like the Owl and the Pussy cat (I'd be the cat) I went to a fab wedding where this was a reading, it was surprising but really touching. The felted cake toppers are super cute and would make a lovely keepsake.

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