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Sunday, 30 October 2011



Though that's a pretty nify idea, I'm not sure I'd eat it! Wouldn't something sitting around with yeast in it for days become pretty alcoholic?


Haha, it doesn't taste alcoholic at all. I think proper bread is traditionally made like that too (though I may equally be talking rubbish...) so I don't think it can be so bad!

florist penang

nice looking cakes and looks mouth watering too.

florist in penang

I like to eat this type of cake , it is called fruit cake in our country.

Ulrika, Sweden

I remember making Hermans in the 80's. Yummy! And the little friendship "slob" are picked up when you are ready to bake Herman so the culture is fresh and no more strange then functional food like some kinds of yoghurt...


I had a Herman to stay to - scrummy isn't he :-)

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