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Tuesday, 13 November 2012



love this!


Thank you!


I love the baubles and really want to do them but I'm hopeless at sewing and I know I'd make a mess of them putting them together.

Yours look brilliant, I'm so jealous! x


Sophie these are awesome! I've just finished my first cross stitch pattern (the sparrow) and came online to see what I should do next. I'm not sure if I'm at Christmas stocking level yet but will buy the magazine and keep the pattern!


finished one but still need some gold thread, and halfway through a 2nd! i LOVE them!


Good work Jo! Make sure you email/tweet me some pictures/post them to my Facebook page when you're done - I'd love to see them.


Laura - Glad you got on well with the sparrow - the stocking is surprisingly easy once you get going, but there is quite a bit of counting involved...keep up the good work though and I have no doubt you'll be ready for it in next to no time.


Victoria, I am actually not the world's biggest sewing fan myself so I make sure I always make my projects as simple as possible. The method for the baubles is very similar to the heat pads I have recently made, so have a look at my free tutorial ( and see if you think you might be up to the challenge... On the plus side, even if you do mess it up the bauble patterns are pretty quick to stitch so you can always have another try!


They look fantastic, and I love the colour combinations. Will be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine.


Congratulations, these are great, love the colour scheme.


Thank you for the lovely comments ladies!

Pat I didn't know you had a blog - will add it to my Googlereader.

Mary Drew

Now that it is more than a year later, how can I get this pattern? My mother-in-law is making me a stocking and I would really like this one to be it. Thanks!

What Delilah Did

I think the hard copies are out of print now Mary, but you can still follow the link in this post to buy a digital copy. I will be offering the pattern as a PDF in my shop later in the year too, but I just haven't had time to put it together yet I'm afraid!

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