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Monday, 24 June 2013


nicole followthewhitebunny

All the projects look so fabulous! I think the magical forest collection is my favourite but they are all gorgeous. Congratulations!


I just went to buy a copy and it has sold out :'(

I started to checkout yesterday but didn't have my debit card to hand.

Gutted!! But happy for you that it has sold out :)

What Delilah Did

Thanks Nicole - your copy will be on its way today - I have a busy day of packing ahead!

What Delilah Did

Oh no Victoria, I'm sorry! They went so much faster than I expected. I have more on the way but don't know the exact date yet...will keep you posted.


I'm so proud of you big sis! Haha can't wait to get a copy!!! Xxxx

Flora Poste

Hi Sophie, your book is so gorgeous! And since I have a fondness for jackalopes I am so pleased to find this pattern! More of this please;0)

What Delilah Did

Thanks Flora - I am so glad you like it! I will do my very best to come up with lots more new things for you :)

Jennie Horner

I saw your book in a cross stitching magazine and I HAD to get it. I've only recently started cross stitching and I love this book! The designs are so modern rather than the Grandma floral patterns most places. The little stories for each project are so sweet, too. Can't wait to get started (good job there's the little free fabric and thread). Gorgeous book!!

What Delilah Did

Thanks for your lovely message Jennie - I'm thrilled you like the book. Good luck with your stitching!

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