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Tuesday, 16 December 2014



I've had to stop selling mine all together - it's too little return for me for the effort. I hope this mess gets sorted out before it applies to physical products - so many people will just be driven out of business. What a total cock-up! GAHHHH!

What Delilah Did

So sorry to hear that you are another who has been forced to stop selling her patterns Claire - I feel your pain! Monumental cock-up indeed.


Too many people are stopping selling their pdfs. As you say this will affect all business soon, not just pdf type things. I wonder however, if you will still have to show proof of where your buyers are from? In order to show hmrc that none of them ARE from the EU. This is what worries me. They may not take your word for it. It's a major headache and pretty implausible as things stand for the small business to deal with it all. It will stop sales in any case because they will be 20% more expensive if buying from outside the UK. They certainly will put me off as well as others. I was gearing up to put patterns on the market. Now I am not, and just waiting to see what happens. I sell physical handmade goods, but goodness knows what the future holds there. Just today I have seen 6 businesses that have withdrawn their patterns from sales. It's a tragedy actually, for buyers and sellers alike.


It really is a tragedy Maddie, not least because most people have no interest in the issue until it directly affects them, so won't kick up a fuss until the law comes in for physical products, by which time it will be too late because the precedent will already be set.

HMRC have said that people shouldn't actively have to prove that they are NOT trading with the EU, so the fact that I have set up systems to separate that part of the business should suffice. I hope it will only be a temporary measure anyway. Spending the whole of New Year's Day shut in a room making my website less efficient and more difficult for my customers to buy from filled me with fury!

Sorry to hear you have had to change your plans too. Hopefully now that Christmas is out of the way people will be more prepared to listen. We just need to keep the pressure up.

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