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Tuesday, 01 September 2015


Chrissie Crafts

Oh my goodness! This is so sweet! You had me at the first photo of that pretty little Cindermouse, but the video - eep! I can't wait til October! Now to pop over to Cloud Craft to sign up...This will be fun on IG! Best, Chrissie x


Yay! Thanks Chrissie! So happy you're going to be joining us. October is my favourite month of the year anyway so this is going to make it even more awesome than usual. I am so excited to see everybody's pictures! x

liz n.

How big are the little mice? My mouse-crazy niece would love doll-sized mice, and I'm thinking of ordering just the patterns and enlarging them. Is it possible to order only the patterns?


Hi Liz,

The decorations are very small; designed to hang comfortably from a tree/door handle/etc. Each character is between 12-14cm tall and 6-8cm wide (excluding the hanging loop).

There's no reason at all that you couldn't scale them up to make dolls, though keep in mind that I have simplified the patterns as much as possible to keep them from being too difficult to put together as little ornaments, so whilst the limbs etc. are *positionable*, they are not articulated/fully movable. You would also need to alter a few other details to make the pattern into a child-safe toy, and if you wanted the clothes to be removable etc. But if you are a reasonably experienced stitcher the alterations wouldn't be difficult at all and the main shapes would work perfectly well.

The patterns will be available on their own in October, after the kits have been posted. You can sign up for our updates newsletter at if you would like to be notified when they are available.

I hope that helps!

Jill Wyse

Just ordered mine :) very excited to see what the other characters will be
Jill x


Thanks Jill!


I finally gave in, too much cuteness!
plus October is my birth-month, how could I not shoehorn this into a birthday gift to me that will last three months?! 😜
can't wait to join you in the SAL, thank you so much for organising this!


Hurrah! Lovely to have you with us Chiara, and happy birthday for October :)

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